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This wiki of 5 articles is a collection of knowledge pertaining to Indefinite Life. This wiki is developed and maintained by Lifetimes Infinity. The goal in building this knowledge base is to aid humanity in our collective efforts to become more fit for survival in this universe. The main topics of this wiki establish a framework and roadmap for achieving mind uploading and pursuing indefinite life. The Indefinite Life Handbook aims to be as comprehensive as possible to encourage more people to start thinking about the challenges of these domains.

This wiki aims to minimize external links in order to be as self-contained as possible.

If you want to have more of a book experience while reading the wiki, follow (or download) the Guided Tour of Indefinite Life.

If you want the standard wiki experience, search for what interests you, or browse through the following categories:

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Article structure

Articles each represent one theory. Theories are constructed from first principles up, building upon each other to reach higher level theories. The Article Structure adopted for this wiki enforces this first principles approach.

Some articles take the form of simple definitions or information. These are treated as functionally the same as theory articles, where they can depend on other articles and other articles can depend on them. Thus, theory, definition, and information articles are not explicitly differentiated.

Getting started

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